Our History

With an experience of almost 30 years, ECCON can be described as a traditional Austrian company in a very specialized field. Throughout the years, the company made a great development – always in very specialized fields and contributed to many projects. Today ECCON is part of the LCS Group and is prepared for a great future.

The early years of ECCON

ECCON’s story began in 1987 in Nenzing, Austria. Our founder, Horst Zimmermann, already had extensive experience in crane system development, design, and construction, and was a key figure in establishing the Liebherr plant in Nenzing . Based on this experience, Zimmermann came up with the idea for an innovative engineering company focusing on transport solutions for abnormal loads. During these early days, ECCON primarily specialized in cranes and excavators, including finite element analysis (FEA) .

Outstanding crane systems

In the 1990s, ECCON began developing complete crane systems for major industry players such as Zeppelin and Palfinger.

We then started designing and manufacturing our own. The crawler cranes we developed for Zeppelin had capacities of between 40 and 100 metric tons, while Palfinger’s ship cranes could handle 1.5 to 25 metric tons. ECCON’s mobile telescopic cranes lifted 20 to 40 metric tons.

Experts in drive systems

Over time, ECCON also became an expert in redesigning and modifying crane systems. These were typically used at irrigation plants, or for lifting rail cars, for example.

ECCON has gone on to amass extensive experience in a broad range of fields – from steel structures to hydraulic systems and electric drives. Ultimately, the company opted to focus on the design and manufacture of drive systems for steel structures — and we are proud to offer first-class solutions in this area.

Specialists in retractable roofs

In 1996, ECCON installed its very first cable-supported  retractable roof at the Am Rothenbaum tennis arena in Hamburg, Germany. The solution featured a drive system and other components that were designed and built in-house.

This successful project ushered in a new era for the company. Since then, ECCON has brought a number of prestigious projects to fruition, including the roof at Frankfurt’s Commerzbank Arena — a pioneering construction for a venue of its size. Other undertakings include BC Place in Vancouver, the Dubai mall, plus a public square in Doha, Qatar.

LCS Group

ECCON became a member of the LCS family in 2015, marking a milestone in the company’s history. The move has enabled ECCON to collaborate closely with other LCS companies, such as GANTNER and LCS Cable Cranes.

It has provided a platform for the effective exchange of knowledge, skills, and expertise — allowing customers to enjoy better quality service, superior products, and solutions more closely tailored to their needs.