Retractable Roofs for comfort in open areas

In large, open spaces vulnerable to factors such as rain, wind, low temperatures, or the sun, movable roofs can bring comfort and peace of mind. Whether outdoor venues, sports arenas, stadiums or shopping malls, retractable or movable roofs offer the solution when it comes to comfort for spectators, guests and/or athletes in open areas. Retractable or movable roofs can quickly and easily transform open-air areas into a place protected from precipitation, wind and strong sunlight without losing the open-air character. This means that sporting events, social events and concerts can be held even in bad weather or sudden changes in the weather.

Specialist Engineering with Highest Quality Standards

One of the most challenging aspects of constructing a retractable roof is identifying and developing an efficient, reliable drive system. At ECCON, we have more than 25 years’ experience with retractable roof systems. As part of the LCS Group, we can also draw on over 70 years of experience with complex drive systems and rope constructions. This makes us the partner you can count on when you need to move large components and systems in buildings, plants, machines or other structures.

It is essential to us to ensure that all our services and products meet the highest quality standards. To guarantee that every one of our customers is satisfied with our work, we have adopted a service-driven approach and made this a key part of our business philosophy – something that is evident across all stages of our projects and processes.

Membrane roof system

Moving a Range of Roof Systems

Over the last 25 years, ECCON has played a key role in many successful projects by developing and installing a range of different systems for retractable roofs — whether supported by rails or cables, made of flexible membranes or rigid panels.

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Mechanisation Solutions from one Source

Drive systems are our core competency. We always look for the best possible solution, which largely depends on the underlying architecture and the required functionality.

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Reliability above all else

A retractable roof needs to meet enormous demands. It shall be opened or closed quickly as well as easily, irrespective of weather conditions. Reliability is the key for the construction which is exposed to extreme climatic elements.

Based on our extensive experience and technical know-how, we are able to deliver extremely dependable drive-systems for roofs. One of the outstanding features of our roof systems is the small maintenance requirement. For the little maintenance that is needed, ECCON draws up transparent service plans, including on-going corrosion protection.

Case Studies

ECCON has successfully realised several complex projects, utilising a range of technologies, roof and drives systems. Here you can view a selection of our past projects. Contact us for an enquiry!

BC Place Stadium

A 7,800 m² retractable membrane roofage over a multi-purpose stadium in the middle of Vancouver..

Lia Manoliu Stadium

A football stadium with a retractable roofage of 9,000 m² is used as multi-purpose stadium.

Deutsche Bank Park

The first large stadium with a retractable roof with a surface of 9,000 m² – constructed for the World Championship 2006.