BC Place Stadium

A large convertible cable-supported roof for a stadium

Located in Vancouver with 55,000 seats, “BC Place” is Canada’s largest stadium. Following the 2010 Winter Olympics, the stadium was renovated and transformed from an energy-inefficient venue with a fixed roof into a modern, multipurpose stadium for soccer games, music concerts, and more — with a retractable roof as its centerpiece. The retractable part of the roof spans over 7,800 m² and is positioned directly above the pitch.

As the first inflatable cable-supported retractable roof in the world, it was a true innovation.

The convertible part of the roof is based on 36 tensioned steel cables which move the membrane by using electric winches. These winches pull on the fabric membrane in order to open or close the roof, while a special hydraulic cylinder is used to achieve the correct pretension when the membrane is closed.

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BC Place Stadium


Vancouver (Canada)

54.500 spectators

Hightex Limited


Scope of work
Development & Construction of the drive system