Moving a range of roof systems

Over the last 25 years, ECCON has played a key role in many successful projects by developing and installing a range of different systems for retractable roofs — whether supported by rails or cables, made of flexible membranes or rigid panels.

Drive systems are our core competency. We always look for the best possible solution, which largely depends on the underlying architecture and the required functionality. For more information, visit the “Drive systems” section.

Roof-types that can be retracted

Flexible membrane roofs

Lightweight membranes made from composite materials are usually used for large retractable roof structures – for example over stadiums or large event spaces. This type of roof covers a huge open-air area, where relatively little storage space is required when the roof is open.

Folding panel roofs

They are a great option for providing shade in open-air spaces, while the air can still circulate freely. Furthermore, the folded panels can be incorporated into buildings as an element of design.

Stiff segment roofs

A robust, reliable system which is generally supported by rails. Large segments are moved into position to cover open areas, giving the impression of a permanent roof. This system is for example suitable for long and narrow courtyards.

Supporting systems for the mechanisation

Cable-supported roofs

In particular, cable-supported constructions offer an extremely suitable and reliable solution for large retractable roofs, such as for stadiums. The roof itself —the membrane roof, panel roof, or segments roof — is moved along cables on sliding carriages.

The cables are directly attached to the steel structure or building, to some extent serving as the foundation or base frame for the entire roof.

Rail-supported roofs

In this construction the roof moves along fixed rails, and is usually carried by bogies. This system is generally used with rigid roof segments which are particularly large and heavy.

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