Quality Products

Roofs meet the highest standards – everywhere

The success and functional efficiency of a retractable roof depends on professional planning, precise design and reliable components of the drive system: Roofs have to withstand a variety of weather and aerial conditions – such as strong winds, heavy rain, salty air close to the sea or intense heat – for many years.

It is therefore essential to apply high-quality materials in the production of our components. At ECCON, we place great value on using the best materials and elements as well as ensuring immaculate processing. And as part of LCS Cable Cranes, we work in accordance with the ISO 9001:2015 at all times.

Critical components for drive systems are manufactured in-house. As a result, ECCON is able to provide the full spectrum of related services. We can deliver all the required components, including the drive system – the centrepiece of the roof system. Our control set-ups are intuitive and straightforward in order to ensure effective functionality. Furthermore, each arrangement is tested at the premises by using the original components, prior to delivery.

Reliability above all else

A retractable roof needs to meet enormous demands. It shall be opened or closed quickly as well as easily, irrespective of weather conditions. Reliability is the key for the construction which is exposed to extreme climatic elements.

Based on our extensive experience and technical know-how, we are able to deliver extremely dependable drive-systems for roofs. One of the outstanding features of our roof systems is the small maintenance requirement. For the little maintenance that is needed, ECCON draws up transparent service plans, including on-going corrosion protection.