Movable Roof Applications

Comfort at open areas

In large, open spaces vulnerable to factors such as rain, wind, low temperatures, or the sun, movable roofs can bring comfort and peace of mind. After all, a soccer game played in a downpour is no fun for anyone. Tennis matches have to be called off when courts get wet. And social events are sometimes literally “rained off”. Furthermore, in some parts of the world, it isn’t possible to relax in the sun due to suffocating heat.

Building a roof offers one solution – but it can be to the detriment of that “open air” feeling. Which is where innovative retractable roofs come in. Today, arenas, stadiums, and other venues with roofs can quickly and easily be transformed into large, open spaces – creating the best possible experience for spectators, guests, and athletes alike.

Retractable or movable roofs have a wide variety of practical applications: Almost anything is possible.

Whether it’s a huge soccer stadium, a multipurpose arena, or a tennis court, the key objective is always the same: To make spectators comfortable as quickly as possible. Depending on the structure and architectural specifications of the venue, there are a variety of technologies and systems available for installing a movable roof. ECCON is an expert in constructing movable roofs for large sports venues. In fact, one of the first-ever soccer stadiums equipped with a retractable roof – the Deutsche Bank Park – home to a German Bundesliga team – uses an ECCON drive system.

Events are designed to bring people together to have a good time. But the event location, especially if it’s an open space exposed to the weather, can have a major impact on the enjoyment and comfort level of guests. That’s why places with unreliable weather conditions often forego dinners on large terraces, concerts in courtyards or outdoor performances. Retractable roofs can ensure the well-being of every guest – whatever the weather. They allow a high degree of flexibility, reliability in planning, and comfort. Open-air events create a special atmosphere that is enjoyed by everyone, and ECCON can find a practical solution to bring a movable roof to even the most challenging venue.

Buildings with courtyards, glass domes, or terraces often cannot use their most beautiful spaces due to unsecure local weather conditions. In these cases, a fixed roof can limit the wonderful possibilities of open-air spaces, or darken a room entirely. With a retractable roof system, it’s possible to create comfortable conditions in short time – whether to provide shade on hot, sunny days, or for protection against the wind and rain. The building’s location, architecture and size are largely irrelevant: As specialist for drive systems for retractable roofs, ECCON always finds the best solution.

Many areas which are open to the public, such as shopping malls and public squares, are exposed to the weather conditions. In regions that are strongly exposed to the sun and high temperatures, a retractable roof solution can provide much-needed shade on hot days, thereby creating a pleasant environment. In colder climates, there is a similar effect when opening the roof at sunny and warm days.  The key is flexibility: Buildings and open spaces must be adaptable on a day-to-day basis. Retractable roof technology can ensure public comfort and wellbeing in any location, independent of the local climate.