Lia Manoliu Stadium

The largest football stadium in Romania gets a retractable roof

In 2011, the modern National Arena “Lia Manoliu” was built in the heart of Bucharest – in Romania’s national colors and with a capacity for 55,000 spectators. It has even been compared to Rome’s ancient Colosseum because of its distinctive design. The stadium was conceived as a multipurpose arena for events, music concerts, and soccer games. Therefore, it was important that it is independent of any kind of weather. A retractable roof provided the perfect solution.

The roof is made of a translucent membrane with a retractable surface area of 9,000 m². Oval in shape, it is supported by cables running on 32 axes. The membrane is opened and closed by using a cable drive and winch system. When the retractable roof is open, the membrane is stowed in the center of the stadium, behind the giant TV screens. It is now possible that the soccer and music fans can enjoy great games and concerts independent of the weather condition.

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National Arena Lia Manoliu


Bucharest (Romania)

55.000 spectators

JV Max Bögl-Astaldi


Scope of work
Development & Construction of the drive system