Dubai Mall

Creating a convertible outdoor space at a shopping center of Dubai

“The Grove”, a 250-m long avenue with various shops and restaurants, opened at Dubai Mall in 2008. The aim was to create an open-air area which can be enjoyed every day, independent of any weather condition.  By installing a convertible roof system along the boulevard the area can be cooled by closed the roof on hot days. On cooler days the roof can be opened.

The system consists of four roofs where each one consists of four to six movable segments with a total weight of approximately 100 tons. Each segment runs on a separate rail. When open, the individual segments are stacked on top of one another.

ECCON was assigned with developing the retractable roof’s drive system. It relies on a hydraulic basis and is similar to a telescopic crane, with the individual segments opening in succession. Thanks to this solution, the roof can be opened or closed within three minutes while also reducing energy consumption. Furthermore, the entire roof system requires very little maintenance.

The closed roof covers a total area of around 2,800 m². One distinguishing feature is the roof’s connection to the mall’s safety network: in case of a fire alarm the roof is opened automatically.

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Dubai Mall


Dubai (UAE)

Alico, Aluminium & Light Industries Co. Ltd.


Scope of work
Development & construction of the drive system