Sanyo Mall Athens

Membrane roofs on rail guided roof systems

“Sanyo Mall” is located next to the Olympic complex in Athens. A total of four retractable roofs were constructed in separate areas of the mall. The main roof covers the largest hall. Like the other roof structures, it is made from a flexible membrane. The roof is pulled tautly beneath a structure of wooden beams. The membrane is supported by a rail system which is directly attached to the beams. The roof is then moved along the rails with a cable drive system and a total of 26 winches.

In addition to the main roof, three smaller retractable roofs were installed, but with a different drive technology. These roof systems are based on rails driven by a chain and bevel wheels. Two of the roofs were installed over curved passageways and the fourth over a smaller hall. Each roof comprises several segments which are connected by the membrane. They can be pushed together or pulled apart to open or close the roof.

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Sanyo Mall Athens


Athens (Greece)

Taiyo Europe GmbH

Public Space

Scope of Works
Development & Construction of the drive systems