Royal Tulip Hotel Almaty

A large glass dome at the roof with a retractable shading system

The luxury 5-star Hotel “Royal Tulip Almaty” in Kazakhstan has a glass dome on the top floor, housing a bar. To protect guests from the intense sunlight and heat, the hotel decided to install a retractable shading system.

The membrane provides shade for a total area of 450 m²and can be opened within a few minutes. The membrane is moved via a cable pulley system with mechanized winches. The roof system runs along rails which are mounted along the girders of the dome. The membrane is then moved by sliding carriages and thereby opened and closes. Through a separate tensioning system which is built into the floor it is finally clamped. With this cable structure, the membrane can be pulled taut beneath the dome.

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Royal Tulip Hotel Almaty


Almaty (Kazachstan)

Kraftwerk, Living Technologies GmbH


Scope of Work
Development & construction of the drive system