Center Court Rothenbaum

One of the first retractable roofs of an event-venue

“Am Rothenbaum” has been hosting tennis tournaments since 1892. In 1996, the center court was renovated and expanded to hold 13,200 spectators. Amongst others, a retractable roof was installed. ECCON was assigned with designing, manufacturing, and installing the roof’s drive technology.

The roof has a decentralized design: when the roof is open, the membrane is not positioned in the center of the stadium (as is common practice for most membrane roofs), but off to the side. This avoids casting a shadow on the court which could disturb the tennis players. When opening or closing the roof, the speed of movement is proportional to the length of the axis — ensuring that it is opened or closed safely.

The roof is supported by steel cables which are connected with sliding carriages. The flexible membrane is attached to these carriages and is thereby opened and closed.

Thanks to the retractable roof, exciting tennis matches can now take place under any weather condition.

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Am Rothenbaum Tennis Complex


13.200 spectators

Hamburg (Germany)

Pfeifer Seil & Hebetechnik GmbH

Event Venue

Scope of work
Development & Construction of the drive system