Kufstein Fortress arena

An old castle is converted to a very attractive event-venue

“Kufstein Fortress” is the main landmark of Kufstein, a city in Tyrol, Austria. In 1997, a project was started to revive the fortress. As the number of open-air events held there increased, the desire to make the venue less dependent on the weather grew. A special retractable roof was designed with the aim to preserve the historical building and its appearance.

The roof is made of a lightweight, membrane structure which can be folded or tensioned via a cable-supported structure with 15 axes. This process is performed by means of winches and steel ropes which run along each axis and thereby move the membrane. The entire retractable structure is circular with a diameter of 52 m and a surface area of 2,000 m².

Thanks to ECCON’s drive technology, the entire roof system can be opened or closed in just four minutes. Today, the roof allows a wide range of events to be held at the fortress, regardless of the weather conditions – from concerts, to public viewing on big screens, and gala dinners with a very special atmosphere. In addition, the roof has disclosed a whole new dimension in light and sound technology.

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Festungsarena Kufstein


Kufstein (Austria)

Stadtwerke Kufstein

Event Venue

Scope of work
Development & Construction of the drive system

Video: Nikolai Kugel, Stuttgart