Mechanization solutions from one source

At ECCON we provide our customers with a complete service regarding the mechanization of convertible roofs. Throughout the whole project development process, starting with the initial concept and design of a convertible roof and its drive system, we pay close attention to all critical aspects of a project and monitor them closely. This includes a detailed analysis of the functionality and risks, as well as a suitable project plan.

We develop detailed designs and drawings in-house, and also perform the necessary static and finite element analysis (FEA) calculations — an area in which we are experts. Production of the drive system and all related components are generally handled by GANTNER, our sister company. The enterprise is based in the same building, thereby guaranteeing a close cooperation and end-to-end control throughout the construction process. Once the roof system is produced, tested and ready to be installed, our experienced assembly team takes over.

Project management & support

We are proud to offer our customers comprehensive support throughout all phases of a project. It is important to us to be permanently available for our customers and to provide a professional project management throughout all project phases.

 Besides the typical tasks, such as monitoring design, production, scheduling, quality and cost control, we focus on ensuring an excellent collaboration between all parties involved. This also includes close cooperation with the architects, general contractors and project owners.

 At ECCON, we are experienced in working as subcontractors and supplier on large-scale projects with companies all around the world. And with the support of the LCS Group, ECCON is a strong partner in all respects — from a technical standpoint as well as in terms of business and organization.

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