ECCON – Member of the LCS Group

In late 2015, the LCS Group of companies invested in ECCON GmbH. Under the new structure, ECCON began collaborating closely with other LCS Group companies such as GANTNER, the winch manufacturing and metal processing specialist, and LCS Cable Cranes, a world leader in material ropeways and cable crane systems. These partnerships represent a great opportunity for ECCON.

 The LCS Group is an alliance of Austrian companies which work in very specialised fields on an international scale. The group is heavily involved in all its companies’ activities in order to reap the collective benefits of well-developed structures and expertise, both on a technical and operational level, and in terms of business and administration.

In 2017 the companies LCS Cable Cranes GmbH, GANTNER Seilbahnbau GmbH and ECCON GmbH merged. The individual brands continue to operate under the name LCS Cable Cranes GmbH.

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