ECCON can look back on a long history and a wide variety of projects when it comes to designing, developing, and constructing retractable roof systems for stadiums, event venues, and other buildings.

More than 20 years retractable roofs

We are a leader in cable-supported retractable roofs and played a key role in some of the largest retractable-roof projects worldwide — such as the Commerzbank Arena in Frankfurt, Germany, and BC Place in Vancouver, Canada. We also develop innovative drive systems for roofs, based on the underlying structural framework.

The Service of ECCON encompass, amongst others, the following scope: design of a drive system, static  analysis of components – including FEA, manufacturing and assembly of all mechanical, hydraulic and electric drive technology components, commissioning, on-site support, plus on-going maintenance after finalisation of a project.

Choice of systems

Retractable roof design can vary, depending on the building, material, function, and other. Furthermore, there is an equally diverse range of drive systems to choose from.

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