First-class mechanisation solutions

There are lots of different ways to move large, heavy loads and structures in a precise and reliable way. Several factors must be considered when deciding on the most suitable drive system for a job — including the specific components, their weight, and internal and external influences.

Different approaches may provide the solution

ECCON analyses each situation closely in collaboration with its customers. Usually, there’s a range of approaches to choose from — for example drive systems based on cables and winches, hydraulic drive systems, chain or bevel wheel-based systems, or something entirely different.

We are always seeking the most appropriate solution, the best driving system and the most suitable mechanisation for the client’s challenges.


At ECCON, we have designed, developed, and constructed a variety of drive systems for diverse applications – thereby building up extensive experience that we love to put to use for our customers.

 Our specialties are the mechanisation of retractable roofs, winches and rope driving systems, bevel wheel systems and many other methods to move heavy and massive loads and components.

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