Finite Elements for Experts. ECCON IPP is a software for pre- and postprocessing three-dimensional finite elements method (FEM) calculations.

The software was developed in-house and is used in all kinds of tasks, ranging from general mechanical engineering to civil engineering. The use of numerous individual calculation tools and problem solving manuals leads to results in a very short time. Numerous individual calculation tools and problem-solving manuals combined with a fast and efficient analysis of individual constructions allow for new and innovative solutions and concepts in mechanical engineering and architecture.

Eccon-Ipp Version 2.8

You can receive more information about availability and installation from Walder + Trüeb Engineering AG or ECCON

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Download and installation

Works only with the activation by our support team (you can ask for a demo version).

The current Version 2.8.26 2005.09.01 for Windows or HP-UX 10.20.


  • Response spectra analysis according to DIN 4149:2005, ÖNORM B 4015, SIA 261:2003
  • Resultant section forces
  • English user interface
  • English documentation
  • Selective result output
  • New time functions for dynamic and transient temperature fields
  • New file system commands
  • PLM with DXF output
  • Specific BAMTEC output
  • Response Spectra Analysis
  • Drawing of polygon-shaped crossections
  • Material types with names
  • Different directories for model-data and model-results
  • Dynamic eigenvalues with and without loads
  • Orthotropic and pseude-orthotropic materials
  • Local startup-files ( and )
  • Definition of additional result values with algebraic equations

Eccon-Ipp interactive finite elemente pre- and postprocessor

Shortcuts ‘ECCON-IPP’

ECCON-IPP is an interactive pre- and postprocessor, that offers all advantages of a finite element calculation. The user can use many individual tools for generating and presenting of results. The consequent utilisation of the colour displays for presentation increases the reliability and productivity of FE-calculations, whereby new dimensions for interpretation of the results are being opened. ECCON-IPP produces the whole input and reads the calculation results from FENAS.

ECCOn Finite Elements


Finite Element Nonlinear Analysis of Structures is a program to calculate nonlinear behavior of beam, shell and solid elements. It is able to perform linear and nonlinear calculations, elastically supported elements, inactive elements, dynamic, calculation, elasto-plastic material behavior, eigenvalue extraction, large deformations, nonlinear temperature fields.

The following element types are available: gapelements, cable elements, space frames, linear, quadratic and hybride shells, linear and quadratic solids, 1D, 2D and 3D temperature elements.

  • Input by menue or dialog
  • Geometry import from DXF files
  • Recording of commands
  • Help functions
  • Neutral datastoring
  • Interactive definition of all datas necessary for calculation
  • Automatic element-generation
  • Gross fault-check
  • Powerful modification commands
  • Lates colorgraphics
  • Hidden line pictures
  • Hidden surface removal
  • Neutrale result file
  • Loadcase combinations
  • Limit value extraction
  • Concrete reinforcement
  • Deformed structure
  • Computer animation
  • Color shaded results
  • Iso lines
  • Trajectories

First steps with Eccon-Ipp & FENAS

ECCOn Finite Elements

Beam element structures

ECCOn Finite Elements


ECCOn Finite Elements

Membrane + rotation symmetric structures

ECCOn Finite Elements


ECCOn Finite Elements

Natural Frequencies

ECCOn Finite Elements


ECCOn Finite Elements

Geometric nonlinear

ECCOn Finite Elements


ECCOn Finite Elements

3D Heat Transfer

ECCOn Finite Elements

Theorie II. Order

ECCOn Finite Elements

Cable System