Structural calculations & FEA – a core competency

ECCON has specialized in structural analysis since its foundation, and has a broad range of experience in the field. We began performing finite element analysis (FEA) calculations for cranes and excavators early on.

Finite Elements Analysis

ECCON is the ideal partner for the most complex calculations for three-dimensional structures and systems. Besides the structural analysis, we support our customers regarding feasibility studies and budgeting. Furthermore, we consider the design of components, such as hydraulic cylinders or gears, as one of our core competencies. We perform a detailed structural analysis by using our in-house finite element analysis (FEA) software, developed by us for pre and post-processing three-dimensional finite elements. However, we also employ other technology, as required.

ECCON has a large portfolio of FEA encompassing mechanical engineering as well as structural and civil engineering. This includes our own components for cranes and drive systems for roofs, as well as many calculations carried out especially for our customers, e.g. for gripper arms or complete mobile crane systems. The combination of custom tools and calculation templates, our ability to quickly and efficiently analyze custom solutions, plus our engineering experience , opens the door to new innovations in mechanical engineering and architecture.

Core functions and applications

We can support all types of structural analysis, including linear, non-linear, static, and dynamic calculations. Earthquake engineering is one of ECCON’s specialties, while our steady and transient temperature field analysis, including internal stress analysis, is used in power plant construction. We also provide analyses of reinforced concrete.

ECCON offers structural analysis for mechanical engineering structures, steel structures, architecture, bridges, halls, power plant components such as heat exchangers, cranes, and more .